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Sunday, November 27, 2011

First Template!

As promised here is my first ever template!!

You can download here

Any comments or suggestions for future templates are greatly appreciated! I would also love to see any work done with my templates and with permission will gladly display them here on my blog! I hope yall enjoy =D
Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day of Days

Today marks a few different things for me. First and most importantly it is my hubby Ray’s 24th Birthday. It is also my beautiful daughters 2nd Thanksgiving. And the official opening of my new blog! But, today doesn’t mark only happy things. It is also the 5 year anniversary of the day I lost my fiance Dan and his mother. However, I am trying not to focus on the sad parts of today, rather the good. Don’t get me wrong, every year is a struggle. Especially since my husbands birthday is the same day as my suppose to be husbands “death day.” But that’s not Ray’s fault and I never bring it up. I don’t want him to have to worry about me on his special day. I don’t know if this is wrong of me or not. Ray knows what today is, I just don’t feel like it’s something I need to bring up every year. I’m sure he sees the pain in my face, I’m sure he hears when I sneak off to cry for Dan. I don’t want to hurt Ray but my feelings for Dan are still alive even though he is not. I love my husband so much and am very happy with how things ended up for me, and I’m sure Dan is up in heaven smiling for me as well. I wouldn’t change my family for the world. I just wish the world didn’t have to lose Dan for me to get this happy ending. I also know even if Dan didn’t pass I still would have ended up with Ray. I believe with my whole heart Ray is my soul mate. But trust me, that just makes the pain of losing Dan worse. Because I know he didn’t have to die for me to end up the love of my life and our amazing little girl. All of that would’ve happened even if Dan was still here. At least, I believe it would have.

Anyways I just want to say RIP to Dan and Mom. Sorry for my first post being such a sad one. I hope to have some goodies for everyone soon, so be sure to check back! I love you all for supporting me, listening to me, and just for being my friends! I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving!

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